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    May 18, 2013
    7:00 - 7:31am PDT  

>> celebrating its independence for 22 years. a native somali land is still waiting for world recognition. captioned by the national captioning institute this is your world news from doha. also ahead -- and now anought export ban. the austrian capital farmers are fighting for survival. and breaking the spell, indonesia moves to ban the use
of black magic. revival.yl how the world's oldest record shop has survived hasthe boost -- despite the booste in digital downloads. people in somaliland are celebrating 22 years of biggerdence from their neighbor, somalia. it sits on the gulf of aiden. it is regarded as an autonomous region of somalia. somalia wants them back in the united country. we have this report. this form to the city in 1988 before it crashed. the people cannot me to be
reminded of the brutal war with somalia. even the young feel better. right tod has a independence. freedom, the things that i liked. similarity has a with the land it is leaving. parliament andwn its own currency. without international recognition, it cannot get foreign investment. it is small yet that has received all of the recognition and money. at the recent conference in london, donors pledged millions of dollars. the president of somaliland refused to attend the talks. >> the president of somalia has made it clear in speeches that he wants a united somalia. >> i have toear,oo.
we are going to retain our independence. we have got to remain friends with somalia. it is not what my government says. it is the people of somalia. they have decided somaliland will be. >> it is easy to understand why people here feel abandoned. to united has managed its people. much of the progress comes down to somaliland's sending money abroad. somalians sending money abroad. we are doing it ourselves.
>> the african union has dismissed similar in and -- forissed somaliland's calls independence. the people say they will not give up hope for statehood no matter what. 10 members of the iraqi security forces have been kidnapped. hundreds of gunmen are gathering near a security headquarters in the city. in the iran, the two policemen and one soldier two separate attacks. iraq. joined from what is the situation like now. the situation remains tense. sources are speaking with us say that gunman are literally in every part of the city, as well as surrounding some of the army post.
ultimatum tove an the army to leave their barracks. otherwise, they will be attacked as they leave their bases. foral leaders are demanding the police local forced to take charge of security. this comes after five months of anti-government protests. it comes a day after a bloody attack ripped through baghdad and other parts of the country. situation.s is it likely to be resolved soon? the tribal sheiks are trying to calm things down. i did not think there are promising signs. protesters are saying the government is neglecting their
desires. we also know that the prime minister of this country did call on protesters to resort to reason rather than trying to escalate the conditions. the protesters are saying they will not leave the protests unless their demands are met. to calmes are trying things down. there is deep mistrust between them. this is worrying everyone. the attacks have been escalating in the last three days. when and if 50 people work here. 150 people work here. they are afraid the sectarian violence will erupt again in the country. >> a report on the iraqi security forces that have been kidnapped. thank you.
threekorea has launched short-range missiles. its defense ministry -- the south korean defense ministry says the missiles were detected off of its east coast. it says it is ready for any further escalation. to ais might lead provocation. they are strengthening and remained on height alert. people living in turkey are angry with the government following last week's bombing there. the demonstration was broken up against turkish leaders on saturday. the family -- the area is close to the border, an area that is full of syrian refugees. syria is blamed for an attack that happened last weekend. workers are metal rallying to protest austerity workers. they are -- protest austerity
measures. the protests were organized by major italian labor unions. it is the latest round of demonstrations against a series of tough spending cuts. in the ukraine, oppositions apart -- opposition supporters are demonstrating against the president and what they call his increasingly authoritarian state. they are also demanding the release of the former prime minister, who was jailed in 2011 for murder and corruption. supporters are due to hold their own march, but they changed their timing and route to avoid miners. sudanese town, fighting and looting has forced thousands who live there to flee. the u.n. blames south sudanese soldiers who have been fighting a regional rebel group. this is our exclusive report.
150 kilometers have been destroyed. people this3000 year. now it is completely unusable. government soldiers were among looters.s -- the >> soldiers have been threatening our staff. they said if they did not give something to them, they would be killed. we wante been saying, to be out of this hospital. is be seen up and rebel insurgency that is slowly gaining momentum. they call themselves the south sudan democratic movement. they say they want to overthrow the government. it was not sent to fell outside the car. soldiers have taken over this
entire town and much has been looted. it is not a garrison town. alire vilian population has led to the bush. have an ill-disciplined army. police are charged with protecting civilians, but the population does not feel safe. >> the will of government is supposed to be for the protection of civilians. when things like this happen, peacekeepers are in their compound. >> the u.n. has sent more peacekeepers in the last few days. by now, there are few civilians left in the town for them to protect. >> people accused of practicing black magic in indonesia risk being sent to prison for five years. that is after the revised criminal code is accepted by parliament. we have this report from jakarta.
doctor trying to calm a man who police someone put a spell on him. it is a daily practice in indonesia, where it is common belief that such powers exist. someone sent me something bad. i was lucky it did not get me directly. the power went to things around me, like food i had bought. if it had gone to me directly, i would have been sick for days. magicple believe black can hurt go kill people. but they still use it themselves. shoulde are practices we abolish. why do our leaders even go to sing witch doctors. if they are not convinced they
can be elected, a witch doctor cannot help them either. >> in magazines like this one, mysterious treatments are offered. improveician offers to your love life or affect your business enemies. these are important if the government is going to implement the revised law. this might be the only evidence they have. say outlawing black magic is a silly idea. >> the government is really saying this is a national threat. this is not natural at all. the government cannot even get rid of ordinary criminals. corruption is still everywhere. now they want to outlaw something we cannot even see. claim that itrs is part of the indonesian culture and it needs to be practiced -- protected.
but the government says it is something the country can well do without. >> you are watching al jazeera. still to come -- protesters calling for the closure of guantanamo bay are arrested outside the white house. >> i am in northern india. they are associated with being part of a conflict zone. i will tell you why tourism is on the -- the increase. >> welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. in the autonomous region of somaliland, they are celebrating their 22nd year of self-declared independence. they are waiting for the world to officially racialized -- recognize it has separated from somalia. hundreds of gunmen have gathered
near the security headquarters iraq.adi, south korea says the north has launched short-range missiles, ratcheting up tensions in the region. the south korean defense ministry says three separate missile launches were detected off of the korean peninsula's east coast. detainees at the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay have day on aeir 100th hunger strike. refusing food. 1/3 of them are being forced said. it is increasing pressure on president barack obama to shut the present down. present -- the prison down. >> outside the white house,
support for the guantanamo bay detainees on a hunger strike. president barack obama has said since taking office in 2009 that he would close the military detention center and transfer or prosecute the detainees. so far, little progress has been made. >> we are well past the time when words are and comfort. we need to see action. ofthe strike started because overly aggressive searches of their belongings. administration officials agree. this is about indefinite detention. the administration has been accused of violating the prisoners' human-rights and try to stop their protest by force feeding them. the administration will not allow the detainees to starve to death. >> we have an ethical responsibility to ensure the
health and well-being of every detainee. >> the military says detainees are given a choice, eat, drink, or be tube fed. they always do this based on the medical and vice given to them. >> the pressure is on the obama administration to close guantanamo bay and san the man back home. unless there is a court order or a less barack obama decides to release this moratorium and release the men already cleared for release, expect more demonstrations such as these outside the white house. has officially legalize same-sex marriage. they have also allowed gay couples to adopt children. the legislation was the focus of months of debate and sometimes violent protest.
the former argentinian dictator has died in prison. the 87-year-old had been serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity that he committed against -- during the country's 30 war. we have more from buenos aires. he was the most hated of the military junta leaders. he led the military coup that began a period known as the dirty war in argentina. 30,000 people disappeared or were killed. many more were tortured. with argentina's return to toocracy, he was sent prison. last year, he was sentenced to an additional 50 years in prison when he was found guilty of kidnapping children stolen from their parents in clandestine interrogation centers. in reaction to his death, many
ballots as of the victims said they had the consolation that he died in prison. they are upset that he has gone to his grave without revealing the whereabouts of so many who have disappeared. taste thats a bitter he left with his secret, knowing where the bodies of our people are located. we are happy that we are living in this historic moment, to know that those who killed our parents are in prison and have been condemned and are getting a fair trial with due process. frailwas already old and and said he was guilty of killing 7000 people. he said he was not sorry, that these were justified to fight the subversion in his country. he said he never lost a night's sleep over these killings. >> captain farmers in australia say they are facing a crisis. animals do not have enough to
farmers intle australia say they are facing a crisis. animals do not have enough to eat because of the drought. this report contains graphic images. >> in northern are still yet, families are hurting -- farmers are hurting. there are more animals here than there should be. the export of many who has brought -- crowns to a halt. we are only using snapshots. a cow being stabbed in the eyes. another had his head half severed with its body still kicking. these pictures were taken in egypt. the capital started their lives in australia. for australia, it has happen before. we've all year -- revolt and of similar practices led to the government banning exports.
the government retaliated by imposing a quota on imports. we are half but they were a few years ago. the australian dollar makes finding new export markets hard. >> it is pretty high to deal with. himselfmer cattle man describes what is happening in the crisis. >> nothing can be done. the farmers want financial assistance to help them through the dry weather, a lower australian dollar, and a full resumption of capital exports. he is dismissed as being mad catter. he is a socially conservative
eccentric. out here, he is wildly popular. he hopes to win enough seats to give his party power. 'sbig chunk of australia economy is based in the dusty interior, agriculture. farmers would like to become the food bowl of asia. for them, the september election is about reminding metro australia that the matter, too. as andrew mentioned in his report, australian livestock are allegedly being mistreated in egypt. on sunday, we will travel there to find out more about those claims. australian officials are not convinced. that is sunday right here on al jazeera. once a magnet for tourists all over the world.
now it is a source of conflict. india and pakistan have been fighting over the region since they gained independence in 1947. tourists are starting to come back. of thes the height tourist season. kashmir is the hot spot for local and foreign visitors. >> i have been all over europe, and i have come to kashmir for the first time. with spectacular views, it is not hard to see why this area is a popular destination. this man has been offering house both holidays for over 200 years. a successful business has been passed down six generations until the anti-government uprisings in the 1980's. >> we did not have a single
tourist in kashmir. there was no tourism in kashmir. tohe has taken five years bring back tourist numbers to a level that sustains the families on this lake. has 1als figure the area million tourists in 2011. that rose to 1.3 million last year. over $300 million have been invested in roads and bridges. there is great potential if the situation remains stable. >> we are seeing new development. tourism has been segregated. this is connected to the lively and of every citizen of this place. >> not everyone agrees.
they have been shipping goods to the gulf states since the 1960's. >> the atmosphere has changed and has had a huge effect. we have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in exports because buyers could not come to such a dangerous place. fire fight between indian and pakistani soldiers brought tensions to the forefront again. it led to a decline in revenue for local businesses. kashmir does not figure in the top 10 most visited states in the country. it might be the most say this -- the safest place in the end -- safest place in india when conditions are calm. the music industry can be a fickle business. downloading tunes has become so
popular that many large music shops have been forced to close. the oldest record store has managed to survive. we went to the welsh city of cardiff to find out why. cardiff had a of son chad, it would be pretty upbeat. it is pretty -- and a soundtrack, it would be pretty upbeat. one shop has outlived everything else. the world's oldest record store here -- record store is here. it is 119. >> they make you think by record is such an archaic and old- fashioned thing to do. physical music still happens. but shelace is not big, has a reputation in wales ordering on the legendary. cds and not just sell
records, but she is a magnet for musicians. this welsh singer-songwriter is no exception. same peopley the will flock together. whether they know each other beforehand or not, you can make new friends, as i have. s> look at the music buff leafing through the records. they could spend all day here. this is called the final -- vinyl revival. he did not need to buy a record or a cd to listen to music because you can download whatever is in the shop. what is remarkable is that it has survived the 20th century and it is surviving the 21st despite the onset of new technology. there are still people around who love to pick through music. you cannot touch and hold a download.
frame and putcan on your wall is a tribute to your favorite band. it is the antidote to disposable pop culture. wethere is no reason why would lose this. whereas, one hard drive failure in you have lost your download collection. on buyingsting physical music, you are insisting that artists are worth supporting. what this shop represents is a fan against the new, the disposable, and the cheap.